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Decking Services

A deck is one of the most affordable ways to extend your home's entertainment space. Whether you are thinking of a large or small deck, we can help you match your budget with the best products available. 

Types of Decking Materials:

What's the Advantage?

Pressure Treated Lumber

Pressure-treated wood is sustainable, capable of resisting abuse. Standard pressure-treated lumber is less expensive than composite decking. Although cheaper in price, it has a tendency to hold moisture and can often shrink unevenly, and possibly even twist when it dries. 

Using a premium grade pressure-treated lumber, such as YellaWood®

for your deck may cost a bit more per linear foot, but comes with fewer knots and grain that runs straighter in comparison. Premium lumber holds stability and dependability, resulting in straighter pieces that are not warped or bowed. Premium pressure-treated lumber has a lower tendency to warp due to being kiln-dried before and after the pressure treatment are applied to the board. If your budget is tighter, this is probably the route you would like to go.

Wood-Plastic Composite Decking

If taking the time to keep your deck in tip-top shape is not something you have, using composite decking is most likely what you will find to suit this need for easy maintenance. Composite decking is often made from recycled plastic and sawdust, or wood chips. This costs more than your standard pressure-treated lumber, but the nice thing is, it will not twist, rot, or split when exposed to Mother Nature’s elements. 

The change in color over time tends to be more even, and you can stain most types of composite decking after only 4-6 months. Boards that are free from defects means you get more out of what you pay for; with little to no waste.

Following Code...It's a MUST!


It is our mission to create not only a structure that the customer is completely satisfied with visually, but is structurally sound as well. We assure you we follow all codes that are enforced through building standards, along with your local municipality. We do this to ensure that your deck structure is safe, sturdy, and sound. 

Using the appropriate connecting hardware is just as important as the structure of the deck frame itself. Using the appropriate connecting hardware not only reinforces the safety of the structure, but can actually prolong the life of your deck as well. 

Each and every step we take while building your deck, is followed strictly with your safety in mind; from beginning to end, and every step in between.

Designer on Board!


Our Designer will sit down with you and help you create the deck of your dreams. Where form meets function, our designer is sure to create a deck design that will not only look beautiful, but will compliment the structure it is attached to.

Simpson Strong Ties

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YellaWood - Premium Pressure Treated

Click the image above to see why Premium Pressure Treated Lumber is the best option for a wood deck.